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Automating the World's Carbon Markets

Veridium is collaborating with IBM to transform how carbon credits work

Introducing Veridium

Veridium is a collaborative initiative to create a regenerative economy that sustains our planet’s natural resources and reduces carbon emissions.

The system we’re building turns industry-standard carbon offsets into freely tradeable tokenized assets. With our partners, we are creating a marketplace that will automate the corporate carbon credit accounting and offsetting process across global supply chains.


Change is possible

Companies and consumers are beginning to understand the value of the earth’s finite resources, including clean air, forests, arable land, clean water and the communities that rely on them.

Environmental offsets such as carbon credits are a solution to reversing the environmental destruction that we have levied through years of an extractive economic model. We propose a regenerative model that constantly renews the earth of the resources it provides us.

  • The Problem

    Carbon credits haven’t worked because they are illiquid, difficult to track, hard to calculate, and are not standardized.

  • Our Solution

    Veridium makes carbon credit usage viable with the world’s first blockchain-based exchange and protocol.

Our Ecosystem

We are bringing to market the Veridium Exchange and EcoSmart protocol to facilitate our mission of creating a sustainable, carbon-neutral world.

  • ecosystem-1
    Veridium Exchange

    Veridium Exchange is the first tokenized exchange unleashing new liquidity and trading opportunities in carbon markets.

  • ecosystem-2
    Ecosmart Protocol

    EcoSmart is a protocol that allows companies to seamlessly offset the environmental impact of their activities.


In the Press

Veridium's news coverage

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    IBM thinks blockchains can help reduce carbon emissions

  • CNBC

    IBM joins forces with a start-up to combine crypto with environmental credit trading

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    IBM To Use Stellar For Its First Crypto-Token On A Public Blockchain

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    IBM Is Helping Build a Carbon Credit Blockchain Token

  • Bloomberg

    Blockchain Fan IBM Helps Issue a Digital Coin for First

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    Blockchain alliance aims to track carbon credits to fight climate change

  • MarketWatch

    IBM and Veridium Labs partner to use blockchain technology to improve carbon-credit markets

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    Veridium to use IBM blockchain to turn carbon credits into digital asset

  • CoinTelegraph

    IBM Partners With Veridium Labs To Let Companies Track Carbon Footprint Via Blockchain

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    New Partnerships From IBM and SAP

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    IBM to Issue Cryptocurrency Token on Public Stellar Blockchain

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    IBM to Launch Cryptocurrency on Stellar Blockchain

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    IBM Partners With Veridium Labs To Let Companies Track Carbon Footprint Via Blockchain

  • TechCrunch

    Veridium Labs teams with IBM and Stellar on carbon credit blockchain

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    Here Are 12 Projects Utilizing The Stellar (XLM) Blockchain That No One Is Talking About


Click on team photos for bios

  • Todd Lemons


  • Jim Procanik

    Executive Director

  • William Wei

    CEO, Veridium Exchange

  • Cameron Balahan

    CTO, Veridium Exchange

  • Ardon Lukasiewicz

    Director of Community Development

  • Neslihan Feradov

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Scott Hogge

    VP of Engineering, Veridium Exchange

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Click on advisor photos for bios

  • Brian Kelly

  • Matthew Le Merle

    Matthew Le Merle

  • Jaron Lukasiewicz

  • Hazem Danny Nakib

  • Yo Sub Kwon

  • Yunsoo Andre Kim

  • Alan Laubsch

  • Lawrence Dunn

  • Shandi Modi

  • Joel Telpner

Foundation Advisors

Click on advisor photos for bios

  • Martin Wilder

  • Dr. Scott Massy

  • Gerald Prolman

Our Mission

Veridium's mission is to accelerate the transition of an unsustainable extractive economic model into a fully regenerative free market economy.

—Todd Lemons, Chairman, Veridium Foundation

Carbon credits reduce our CO2 emissions

Carbon credits protect rainforests

Carbon credits are increasingly required by governments

Carbon credits help companies offset CO2 emissions

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