Veridium Token Sale

Veridium has partnered with IBM to transform the carbon credit industry and help reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Our team is building an environmentally responsible cryptocurrency exchange that will be the only place to purchase and trade asset-backed natural capital tokens. The first token available will be CARBON, backed by verifiable carbon and conservation credits.

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ProblemOur environment is undervalued

Carbon credits are a great step toward valuing our environment, however they currently face several major challenges inhibiting proper valuation:

  • Emissions are difficult to account for accurately across supply chains
  • Complex attributes and governing laws make them difficult to purchase
  • Highly liquid credits have a limited environmental benefit, while those with a broader impact are illiquid
Solution Enable free market trade of natural capital

Veridium is utilizing blockchain technology to turn high-quality carbon credits into easily exchanged assets, enabled with liquidity on a crypto-asset exchange. This creates a transparent way to account for carbon liabilities and offsets.

In the future, the Veridium Exchange will be a marketplace for a variety of natural capital assets, beyond carbon.


Tokens Backed by Verifiable Assets

Assets verifiable on internationally accepted registries.

Veridium’s CARBON token is one of the only cryptocurrency tokens backed by verifiable assets. CARBON tokens are backed by a mix of carbon, conservation, and renewable energy credits contributed to Veridium by our team’s previous company, InfiniteEARTH–a leading carbon credit producer and conservation project. These assets can be verified on internationally accepted registries.

1,055,000 Carbon Credits
Verify Assets
58,367 Renewable Energy Credits
Verify Assets

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"A new sustainable marketplace that is good for business
and good for the world." - Senior Vice President, IBM

Our Team

Todd Lemons
Jim Procanik
Executive Director
William Wei
CEO, Veridium Exchange
Cameron Balahan
CTO, Veridium Exchange
Ardon Lukasiewicz
Director of Community Development
Neslihan Feradov
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Scott Hogge
VP of Engineering, Veridium Exchange


Matthew Le Merle
Jaron Lukasiewicz
Hazem Danny Nakib
Yo Sub Kwon
Yunsoo Andre Kim
Alan Laubsch
Lawrence Dunn
Shandi Modi
Joel Telpner
Foundational Advisors
Martin Wilder
Dr. Scott Massy
Gerald Prolman


By participating in our two token model presale, you will receive our exchange's base currency, VERDE, and asset-backed CARBON.

VERDE is a utility token used on the Veridium Exchange and in EcoSmart-Protocol™ Transactions. Its fully decentralized nature is designed to facilitate automated transactions quickly for a global user base on IBM or Veridium platforms.

CARBON is an asset-backed token representing one metric ton of carbon offsets (i.e. one token equals one carbon credit). The CARBON token is a carbon credit. What differentiates CARBON from other types of carbon credits is a regenerating basket of new underlying credits from various issuers.



$0.10 USD

Unlocks evenly over 6
months after TGE

Utility Token



Each $10 of VERDE is bundled
with 1 CARBON

Immediately after TGE

Commodity-backed stable token
1 token = 1 carbon credit

Participants receive both tokens

$5,000,000 usd

$25,000,000 usd


October 1, 2018



USA, China

* CARBON is a commodity-backed token. Tokens will be created and burned in line with additions and retirements of underlying carbon credits
Verde Token Distribution
  • 50% Token sale participants
  • 15% Advisors and partners
  • 20% Company
  • 15% Team
    (2 year lockup)
Carbon Token Distribution